I zoomed through the match this morning and went pretty much straight to their 
first goal.
When the commentator BEFORE the throw in , started talking about Rory Delap and 
teams giving away corners rather than throw ins, it was clear that the 
commentator was aware that Bristol had this weapon in their arsenal, so why on 
earth did we fall for it, not once but twice in quick succession ? What on 
earth were we practising all week ? 

Awful defending on both occasions
Also why do we not have anyone who can take a long throw -OK the Bristol lad, 
Delap, Challenor at Tranmere, and even Vinnie were special in this regard but 
surely it is not too hard to get one (or two) players who can be our designated 
long thrower and get him to practise over and over until he is at least decent 
at it ?
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