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> On 20 Feb 2018, at 00:34, Joe Skinner <> wrote:
> Dave one lad at the end of the match couldn’t even do a normal throw for us...
> Basics!
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> On 19 Feb 2018, at 16:48, {broken-address} Richard Walker 
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>> a few thoughts on the game. 
>> First of all why Sunday at 4:30 ? 
>> I thought we were poor throughout and even though the crowd dragged us back 
>> in to it I thought Bristol were already deteriorating fast. 
>> On the face of it Hecky did what we all wanted him to do in dropping Roofe 
>> and Allioski however the replacements together left a very pedestrian 
>> midfield with O'Kane and Forshaw just getting overrun by the City midfield. 
>> The young lad Reid looked like a player to me. 
>> Dallas started on the right wing and our best player Hernandez on the left 
>> wing. Dallas continues to disappoint. I don't think he's a winger but what 
>> is he ? I think he might just be a very average player. 
>> At the back Weidwald continues to look shaky. Both goals were down to him 
>> and surely Hecky has to put Lonergan in for Derby. There's no confidence 
>> from the players or the fans in this guy. Yes Lonergan has made a few 
>> mistakes but he's an honest keeper whereas I feel Wiedwald is now scared to 
>> come for a ball and will never attempt to catch. What a mistake this guy has 
>> been. 
>> I've heard people praising Lasogga since the game but I thought he was very 
>> poor first half. He looks overweight to me and he just doesn't have the 
>> pace, which is a shame because he certainly knows where the goal is. Ekuban 
>> also looked awful but I think with him a goal will turn him into a different 
>> player. He does at least have pace. 
>> The crowd did drag us back into the game but it was sarcastic to start with. 
>> It reminded me of the 'We'll support you ever more' chant which was always 
>> sung when we were absolutely shite and at rock bottom. It felt like that 
>> yesterday and I thought our season had collapsed. 
>> Hecky now needs to get Saiz firing with Hernandez, change the keeper and put 
>> a rocket up their arses. Vierra has not had a great season but to play 
>> O'Kane over him for me is criminal and surely Hecky, having stripped O'Kane 
>> of the captaincy; can now see he has little to offer. Remember you heard it 
>> here first that O'Kane was shit. 
>> My Scores:
>> Wiedwald - 0.
>> Anita - 6. I thought he actually played some really decent football. He 
>> might be a better midfielder than all of them given a chance ?  
>> DeBock - 3. Mark Aizlewood at left back. Chronic.
>> Jansson - 6. Looked shaky but then again so would Radebe with that clown in 
>> nets behind you. 
>> Pennington - 4. Some of his distribution was laughable. I hoped this guy 
>> would come good and I think he might but he's got to do better than this. 
>> Forshaw - 6. Battled hard but he looks bang average to me. 
>> O'Kane - 1. Didn't do anything.
>> Dallas - 4. One half decent shot and then went to sleep. 
>> Hernandez - 6. Tried and credit to Hecky that he allowed him to play more 
>> central second half. 
>> Pete - 7. Decent second half but was poor first. 
>> Ekuban - 4. No real impact.
>> Subs:
>> Roofe - good poacher's goal and that will probably earn him a start at Derby 
>> (oh dear)
>> Philips - shite 
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>> Sent: Monday, 19 February 2018, 11:13
>> Subject: [LU] Bristol - big criticism
>> I zoomed through the match this morning and went pretty much straight to 
>> their first goal.
>> When the commentator BEFORE the throw in , started talking about Rory Delap 
>> and teams giving away corners rather than throw ins, it was clear that the 
>> commentator was aware that Bristol had this weapon in their arsenal, so why 
>> on earth did we fall for it, not once but twice in quick succession ? What 
>> on earth were we practising all week ? 
>> Awful defending on both occasions
>> Also why do we not have anyone who can take a long throw -OK the Bristol 
>> lad, Delap, Challenor at Tranmere, and even Vinnie were special in this 
>> regard but surely it is not too hard to get one (or two) players who can be 
>> our designated long thrower and get him to practise over and over until he 
>> is at least decent at it ?
>> Dave
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