Well when you are not playing well all your luck disappearsAt 0 0 Pontus gets 
fouled not once, not twice but 3 times in the box at a corner and no penalty 
givenTheir second goal was so marginal it could easily have been given offside 
Then Lassogga has the shirt ripped off his back and still no penThen the third 
goal is a real fluke of a deflection and the lad is yards off when the ball was 
So we were robbed again and got nowt
#######Only joking - whilst the above is true , we were totally and utterly 
outclassed and given a football lesson
We were dreadful from 1 to 11 (or whatever numbers we wore) and had no clue - 
we were so lucky that they did not get 5 or more. We on the other hand did not 
manage a clear cut chance or shot worthy of the name all matchEven second half 
when we were a bit better (the game was already over) they scored one and 
missed two or three
Felix is back to his worst and should never play againAnita is not a full back 
and should never be picked as one again - he got skinned by Traori time and 
again, and second half when we switched full backs and Troari did not touch it 
he also moved so he could take the piss out of Anita again
O'Kane and Philips were outclassed and overrun in midfield  and as a result 
Lassogga and Saiz never got any service
IF Wolves team were watching they must be licking their lips and relishing 
coming to ER on Wednesday
It really was men v boys and Heck really has his work cut out to give us any 
chance of getting any points in the next few weeks and gettting it sorted for 
next season
A terrible day at the office and a game when we were totally and utterly beaten 
.......if only the first pen had been given ,or the second and the last two 
goals had been given offside , well , then we would only have lost one nil !
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