Good report Dave, despite the meds...

Vieira hit the post, Hernandez’s shot shortly after hit the keeper’s knee 
before skidding across the goal and Alioski’s diving header hit the bar...we 
came close, but not close enough. My mate thinks Hegginbottom should be 


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> On 7 Apr 2018, at 20:50, "" <> wrote:
> Hurrah, only two home games to go - only (half) joking, I love going to ER 
> and the match day experience, however poor the football is at timesI was at 
> the bar getting the beers in when a lad in front of me got the team news on 
> his phone , a debut for Paudie O'Connor , fair enough we agreed with Cooper, 
> Pennington and Shaunessey all out injured. It was a case of pick him or put 
> Berardi at centre back and give Pearce another run out - difficult to argue  
> either way. Ekuban was dropped following his failures to score when one on 
> one in the last two games. Then he pointed out a lad called Callum Nicell was 
> on the bench. No-one had a clue who he was , of all the u23s who are close to 
> a call up , this was a new one on us all - Oriel Rey, fair enough, Ousim 
> Bouy, at least we have heard of him, Madger Gomes , OK crap but he has played 
> before, or even Jack Clarke or Sam Dalby etc but Callum Nicell , no idea, and 
> no reason as to why he got the nod. 
> Whatever we made our way to the ground along with 30, ooo other fans, OK a 
> drop of 5,000 from Bolton game but this lot all had to pay for their ticketSo 
> at home v the joint bottom team in the League , a team who have won 6 games 
> out of 40 and have a minus 29 goal difference. Fair enough they were playing 
> to stay up and we were playing because we have a few more games before we go 
> on our holidays - what could go wrong ?In some ways it was not a bad game, 
> insomuch as there was lots of incident and chances at both ends - a good game 
> for the neutral if you could be bothered and did not care about skill , class 
> or football abilityIt is hard to recall which team did what and when (I had a 
> lot to drink and a lot of  meds, more so than normal) but they hit the post 
> and the bar, we (Saiz) hit the bar with a free kick, and both keepers made a 
> few decent saves and both team missed chances, so in a way this could have 
> been 3 or 4 each. 
> We started brightly and it was soon clear why they are being relegated - 
> Vieira (getting back on form) went close with a decent shot and then Pablo 
> sent a great shot whizzing past the far post .At the other end BPF, looking 
> more and more like a decent keeper made a couple of saves and got lucky when 
> their lad missed a free headerAt half time we went off to a reasonable 
> reception and we all thought it was only a matter of time. I also told those 
> near me that the first goal would be the key - whoever got it would winI have 
> no idea what was said at half time, probably 'keep going and it will come' 
> from Heck - 'they are shit, get attacking them' from Coleman. Whatever the 
> case they started the half as if they meant business and got us on the back 
> foot, then after less than 5 minutes a cross into the box, their stiker made 
> a run in front of the defenders and lashed it high into the net from a tight 
> angle -a good finish and even though it meant BPF was beaten at his near post 
> , he had no chanceThis was the confidence boost they needed and we were 
> rocked 
> They had a couple more chances to put it beyond doubt but BPF stood tall and 
> made a couple of decent saves as we got out act together and Saiz and 
> Hernandez showed their classSaiz was part of a lovely move that ripped them 
> open but Saiz's shot was well saved. Then Saiz fed a great ball into Pablo 
> who took a touch, sent the defenders one way and placed it with style into 
> the corner - 1 1 
> A thunderous free kick that hit the bar from Saiz and a great cross that did 
> not quite get to Alioski stopped us getting the winner.Then as the clock was 
> ticking down and a draw was looking inevitable Berardi was nutmegged on the 
> half way line by the touchline, no way was the lad going to do that and get 
> past him as Berardi dived in. Ref thought it was worse than we did and went 
> for his red ( from my spot nothing like as bad as the foul on Lassaggo at 
> Fulham)That left us with a man short and with 5 minutes added on- we survived 
> but only just as BPF was called into action on a few occasions in this 5 mins 
> including one great tip over the bar, and so a game we should and could have 
> won (or lost) ended up with a draw, no use to them in their fight against 
> relegation and not much use to us with only 2 games leftON the plus side, 
> Pablo again showed class and is worth a new contract, Vieira is getting his 
> mojo back and will be a good player next season, BPF is looking like he may 
> just be good enough to be number 1 next season, Paudie O'Connor played well 
> enough to keep his place for the rest of the season and may be a decent back 
> up centre back next season. 
> The bad side, we still have no real identity and no idea what kind of team we 
> are or how we play - it is back to the drawing board in the closed seasonNo 
> idea if Nicell will be the next 'new kid on the block' or if his listing as a 
> sub will be his only ever appearance on the team sheetDavePS Sorry if this 
> report is a bit messier than normal but I was very drunk and had even more 
> meds than normal so everything is a bit hazy
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