My final remarkThe bad side, we still have no real identity and no idea what 
kind of team we are or how we play - it is back to the drawing board in the 
closed seasonand Rich W's 
Hecky - he's give some of the youngsters a go - I like that but what is his 
style of play ? What has he improved ? The defence seems all at sea and there 
doesn't look like any organisation to me. Midfield seems to rely on Pablo's 
brilliance rather than having any cohesion and up front our attacking tactics 
seem non existant. Who is Hecky ? 
both puts us in agreement but more importantly shows that the '5 year plan' or 
whatever Radz called it, is not working - we have no real footballing identity 
, we do not now what kind of team we are or what we want to be - route one, 
ticky tacky possession, attacking or defensive etc. Even more worrying is the 
fact that the u23s (who are now getting some success) play a totally different, 
more continental way than the first team
I thought Hecky was a decent appointment - but it is a bit of try one method 
and then go for another -TC an unknown foreigner who has never been in England, 
followed by a local boy who has spent his whole life here- no continuity of 
approachNow I am very worried that he is not up to it and if that is the case , 
Radz needs to decide that at the end of the season so the new man can at least 
have a say in the acquisition and retention of players
It is hard to think that next season really will be 'the one' - it is looking 
more like it will be more of the same mid table mediocrity
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