I do not know a way to add an event to everyone but if you would be satisfied with a source attached to everyone with your disclaimer then you can add a source when exporting to the GEDCOM for use by TNG. When exporting click on the Autosource button to tell legacy to add the source to everyone. You can then Add the source with the disclaimer you want included.

I have not tried this in tandem with the option not to include sources, which I presume you are using to suppress your sources. If you think my suggestion will work for you I suggest you try it on a small file like the Sample.fdb file that comes with Legacy.

Brian Kelly

On 22-Sep-16 2:58 PM, Don Quigley wrote:
No luck in getting help on the Legacy FB page, so I thought I would try


I'm trying to add a "global" event to everyone in my family tree file so
that I can tell people looking at my uploaded (cousin bait) tree on
that they can view all my sources and media at my website.

I've tried sharing the event with everyone, but can't find a way to
"select all" from the Name List in lieu of single tagging thousands of
people. If possible, I'd like to avoid going to Access and somehow
adding the events to the fdb file directly (i.e, my last resort, if this
can't be done in Legacy).  If I can get the event shared, I can run the
Legacy gedcom through my TNG website to get the event distributed and
create a gedcom for uploading to Ancestry.

Donald Quigley

Escondido, CA

Quigley Doyle Family Tree <https://donquigley.net/>


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