Shared events is for a few people like a family in a census record, so that 
will not do what u want to do.

Try this. 
1.  Go to Tools, Advanced Tagging,   Use an unused Tag and Tag everyone in your 
database with say Tag 1.
2. Go to Tools, Advanced Sourcing
A. Put a source on the source clipboard (click Sourse Clipboard )
B. Select Tab - Which records to Use - select -> Assign to individuals with Tag 
C. Select Tab I - Where to Assign Citations
D. Select check box, Assign citations to individual information
E. Select all fields or a specific data field to assign you source
F. Hit Apply button to assign your clipboard source to all individuals with Tag 
1 to the field you have selected.

This seems to be a long process, but it is very easy to do.  I use this 
procedure to assign me as a source to everyone in my database if I am going to 
create a Gedcom to upload or send to someone.

Good luck.


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Leon Chapman

> On Sep 22, 2016, at 11:58 AM, Don Quigley <> wrote:
> No luck in getting help on the Legacy FB page, so I thought I would try here.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm trying to add a "global" event to everyone in my family tree file so that 
> I can tell people looking at my uploaded (cousin bait) tree on 
> that they can view all my sources and media at my website.
> I've tried sharing the event with everyone, but can't find a way to "select 
> all" from the Name List in lieu of single tagging thousands of people. If 
> possible, I'd like to avoid going to Access and somehow adding the events to 
> the fdb file directly (i.e, my last resort, if this can't be done in Legacy). 
>  If I can get the event shared, I can run the Legacy gedcom through my TNG 
> website to get the event distributed and create a gedcom for uploading to 
> Ancestry.
> Donald Quigley
> Escondido, CA
> Quigley Doyle Family Tree
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