On 5 Dec 2016 at 18:28, Cathy Pinner wrote:

> Put in a suggestion but add why. It makes no sense at all to me as the 
> RINs may or may not be connected in any way.
> If you're wanting to export only people created or modified after a 
> certain date, you can do that now by doing a search on Modified Date or 
> Added Date.

I have now put in a suggestion, and it has become even more important to me. 

Someone is working on developing an event-based research program, and one of 
the things it will be ab le to do is import people from a Gedcom file. 

Now if I export everyone in my Legacy program, and import them into the 
event-based program, I will not stop adding people to Legacy. 

So when I want to put more people into the the other program, then if the 
previous import was up to, say RIN 2864, then for my next import I will want 
the records from RIN 2865 and higher. 

So the range of RINs export feature becomes more important. 

The Event-based program is still being Beta tested at the moment, but it's 
looking good. 

Steve Hayes
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