Another way to get the people you want that you can do now. Search for all those with Added Date after your last export.

Unless you don't reuse RINs that have been abandoned due to merging or deleting, RINs aren't reliable enough.


Steve Hayes wrote:

On 5 Dec 2016 at 18:28, Cathy Pinner wrote:

Put in a suggestion but add why. It makes no sense at all to me as the
RINs may or may not be connected in any way.

If you're wanting to export only people created or modified after a
certain date, you can do that now by doing a search on Modified Date or
Added Date.

I have now put in a suggestion, and it has become even more important to me.

Someone is working on developing an event-based research program, and one of
the things it will be ab le to do is import people from a Gedcom file.

Now if I export everyone in my Legacy program, and import them into the
event-based program, I will not stop adding people to Legacy.

So when I want to put more people into the the other program, then if the
previous import was up to, say RIN 2864, then for my next import I will want
the records from RIN 2865 and higher.

So the range of RINs export feature becomes more important.

The Event-based program is still being Beta tested at the moment, but it's
looking good.


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