I have several sources for obituaries. If it's a newspaper, I cite the
paper as my main source and the obituary itself in details. If it's the
funeral home website, then I cite the website as the main with the
individual in the detail (I also copy the specific page web address and
include that in the detail comment), and finally, I have recently been able
to get large numbers of obituaries from binders held by a historical
society. I made a master source for the binders (complete with information
about the depository) and then add all the information in the details.

For those binders, most of the time it also lists the name of the paper
where the original obituary appeared (they are photo copies) complete with
page/section numbers and as part of my detail comments, I include "citing
name of paper, date, section and page" so that I can either go find the
true original or someone else could. If it doesn't list the original
source, I add a comment to the effect that the original source was not
included. Someone would still be able to get to the document I saw (the
photocopied page in the binder) but it would take someone going to the
society archives in person.

Therefore, I'm a "lumper" but not an extreme one. Hopefully that wasn't too
confusing to follow.

Cynthia DeLay

Laurie G wrote:

Does the category "obituaries" belong on the master source list, with
the details changing for each person for whom you have an obituary, or
does the obitua ry for EACH person belong on the master source list
(such as Smith, Charley obit, Taylor, Tom obit, etc.?)


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