As I understand it, Legacy will continue to be its own program just as it
always has been.

To share your data with MyHeritage, FamilySearch, Ancestry or any other
commercial online tree - including DNA trees- has ALWAYS been your choice.
If you choose to put your data online, you are responsible to know what you
are getting into first. You know what kind of information gets put on
public trees - some is good, some is terrible.   You are in total control
of the decision to add your information.  Legacy doesn't do it
automatically for you.  They are just trying to facilitate a method of
transfer for you - IF that is what you want.  What happens after that
transfer of data to a new location is not a Legacy problem.

Legacy is a powerful and complicated program and I'm guessing that many of
us utilize only about half of the features consistantly.  I'm sure Geoff
and the rest of the team have done a lot of study ahead of time before
committing to the merger.  Gee, I bet they even know something about future
plans that we don't even have a clue.  Give them a chance.  No program is
going to be so perfect that it will do everything that every one of us
want.  But boy, Legacy sure fits the bill perfectly for me and I choose not
to put my trees online.

So, like Donna says "wait and see"before you start throwing out the barbs.
It's your choice.
Linda in Iowa


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