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I agree with everyone else on this mapping problem, I have spent a lot of time 
entering the coordinates to my locations and since the mapping program broke 
down I've added over a hundred new locations. The mapping feature is one of the 
major selling points for this program, the programmers need to put aside some 
of their fine tuning projects and concentrate on repairing the mapping feature 
as soon as possible.

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My situation exactly. I have spent untold hours mapping my locations to exact 
addresses. All that work now feels wasted, and I can't progress this project.
Mary Young

On Sunday, 4 February 2018, Steve Wilson 
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I have to agree with Paul. This needs to be a priority for Millennia,

Thanks, Steve Wilson

Gaithersburg, MD

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Subject: Re: [LegacyUG] Mapping feature

I was a heavy user of the mapping feature and was in the middle of a large 
verification project which has now had to be put on the back burner.

What concerns me though is that we have heard very little from Millennia about 
this. Are they doing a work-around? Or perhaps doing a re-write to use Google 
maps instead (my personal preference)?

It would just be nice if they kept us in the loop as to what was happening.

On Mon, 29 Jan 2018, 13:46 Brian Kelly, 
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Because the old API for mapping was discontinued by Microsoft ALL
versions of Legacy which used mapping no longer work. That includes 7.5,
8.0 and earlier builds of 9.0. There is no way to revert to an earlier
version where you can still use mapping.

Brian Kelly

On 29-Jan-18 3:47 AM, Ian Thomas wrote:
> But I wouldn’t revert to a prior version of Legacy FT in which it was still 
> working… I would lose too many nice new features in v9.


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