I think this is an irrelevant discussion to add to this forum, but some facts:
The APIs of all software would normally change over time. The licensing 
conditions of the Bing Maps Platform APIs have been revised with the change of 
the new APIs (greater feature set). There is an elaborate Terms of Use, last 
revised  December 2017.

It is necessary to ask Microsoft for a quote for your particular organization’s 
level of use – it is set out in some detail  
(level of use can mean the number of times per week that all persons with a 
copy of Legacy FT use the Mapping lookups)

If you read that page, it is clear that use by a large number of individual 
Legacy users would not qualify for a free license – the number of daily / 
yearly transactions would be exceeded.
I don’t program with the Bing Maps Platform, and I don’t know what Microsoft’s 
change of licensing conditions for the previous APIs (used by Legacy in v9 and 
v8, before “Mapping stopped working”) would be, after release of the latest 
suite of Bing Maps Platform APIs (there are several – 
here<https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/maps/choose-your-bing-maps-api> and links 
from that page).  In the Terms of Use, they retain the right to change 
conditions at any time.

Perhaps Microsoft has notified license holders (for use of the prior version of 
their Bing Maps APIs) that they should comply with a strict usage / # of 
transactions by their in-use software.
Obviously I am not aware of discussions between the parties, but I wouldn’t 
think that the MyHeritage involvement would have changed the situation. I would 
guess that Millennia would have pulled the feature from an update of v9 as a 

I think this is too complicated and irrelevant a discussion to have here, but I 
was a heavy user of the (Mapping) address lookups and for all its peculiarities 
I wish it was still available. But I wouldn’t revert to a prior version of 
Legacy FT in which it was still working… I would lose too many nice new 
features in v9.

Albert Park, Victoria 3206 Australia

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Actually, it was a decision of Microsoft/Bing to change their API and break the 
mapping within Legacy.  It was not a decision of Millennia/Legacy.

On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 7:46 PM Ian Thomas 
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Windows 10 updates (eg, 1709) have not caused the ‘Mapping’ in Legacy FT to 
disappear. That was a decision of Millennium.

Albert Park, Victoria 3206 Australia

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