Whew! You have been having fun. Thanks for such detail. It was quite a story. 
I, too, have been using a computer since before Windows. Dos was interesting.


Jane in Phoenix


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According to their old blog, when MyHeritage purchased Legacy, they created a 
synch feature. 


It is NOT POSSIBLE to synch Legacy with Ancestry.com because Legacy is now 
owned by Ancestry's competitor, MyHeritage. RootsMagic is also not able to 
synch with Legacy because they are both competitor software. You can download a 
gedcom from any of those sites and upload the gedcom to any of the other sites 
but it will not synch - so no media will transfer. 


You can only synch with Ancestry to RootsMagic or Family Tree Maker. Or, you 
can synch with Legacy to MyHeritage.


I can't say any one is better than another. I only used Ancestry.com as my 
primary because that is what I started with after FamilySearch.org, in the late 
1990s, got rid of paf files. By then, I had used a few software programs on 
cartridges for TI-84 computers but none transferred to the internet so I went 
with FamilySearch because it was free. Then they got rid of paf files and I 
once again had to start over. I then used Rootsweb, which Ancestry bought. I 
decided to just pay for Ancestry annually, which is pricey, and keep my tree 
there thinking they would keep being innovative so maybe I wouldn't have to 
keep reinventing my tree. 


Then, Ancestry got a little wonky and was up for sale and I got scared that I'd 
lose everything. I purchased Family Tree Maker for the synching with Ancestry. 
Then FTM stopped working. Ancestry blamed FTM and vice versa. I then bought 
RootsMagic to synch and I quit using FTM.  RootsMagic had glitches so I 
decided, when I retired, I would scan everything I had and save by the persons 
noted in what I was scanned (like letters/diaries/divorce docs you can't get 
online, etc.). Lots, but not all, I had already saved to Ancestry's Gallery but 
I wanted everything in one place by the person that I could always access if 
any of the sites closed. I realized that no software was ever going to work 
well permanently. I also was living in Florida and was afraid that I'd lose 
everything in the event of a hurricane. We had already lost everything once but 
it was when we were young and didn't affect the genealogy artifacts. I had so 
much stuff it would have filled our entire car with no room for anything else. 
It took me 6 months of daily scanning to get it all saved. I keep that in 
Dropbox (a cloud) that I pay yearly for the account and in a stand alone hard 
drive. The stand alone hard drive gets updated annually and I give it to one of 
my kids to keep at their house. 


All was well until it wasn't! (we moved from Florida so I now don't worry about 
moving the stuff but the next generation will want things digitally so it 
wasn't a waste of time). I decided last January to update my tree on 
MyHeritage. I had gotten a deal on the membership because I am a member of  the 
National Genealogical Society. Then MyHeritage offered me a deal for 10 years 
which worked out to less than $100/year. I had not had a problem in the past 
with deleting a tree and updating with a new gedcom from Ancestry but couldn't 
do it in January. It wouldn't let me delete the old or add a new one on 
MyHeritage. I decided to wait until after I travelled in April to mess with it 
further. I tried repeatedly in May and then spoke in person in June with David 
Horowitz at a conference I attended. He told me I'd lose all the DNA matches (I 
also had uploaded my DNA from Ancestry and 23andMe) which was fine with me as I 
figured I would just re upload those, too. He was unable to delete my tree. 
Told me to bring my gedcom on a thumbdrive and he'd upload it. He couldn't do 
it. I gave him permission to copy my gedcom and take it to IT. By August, I 
hadn't heard anything from anyone at MyHeritage so I wrote to him. He forwarded 
my concern to someone in IT who deleted my tree and told me to use Family Tree 
Builder to upload but it didn't work. We went round and round and then he gave 
me to someone else who didn't read any of the email chain and told me to do 
what I'd already tried multiple times. I got an attitude and then I got pawned 
off on another IT person who again tried to tell me to do what had already been 
tried. That's when I asked if I could just send them my gedcom (Have no idea 
what David Horowitz did with the one I gave him in June). That IT guy sent me a 
special link to send it to them. Then, he wrote that there was a problem with 
it and they couldn't get it to load. What was really strange was when I would 
go on to MyHeritage my DNA matches were still showing, with no tree associated 
with it. I thought maybe it was picking it up from Family Tree Builder so I 
deleted that. No, the IT guy said the DNA matches stay permanently. That was 
not what Daniel Horowitz said nor an email I got from another IT person. 


I really don't think they know what is going on as it's a new company that 
bought MyHeritage so those that built it are likely gone. At that point I asked 
who I contacted to cancel my account. Within a day they magically fixed the 
problem and my tree is now available again. 


In October, Ancestry started getting weird again and RootsMagic was not 
synching with their newer versions (8 & 9), though my tree worked well with 
version7 but they were going to stop supporting that. Then Ancestry added their 
two factor idenification which didn't work at all with RootsMagic. Ancestry 
didn't respond but RootsMagic gave me a work around. FamilyTreeMaker offered a 
special deal. I blog and several of my readers recommended that I repurchase 
FTM to synch. I did that and it worked well. 


I would use FamilySearch.org if other people didn't have the ability to change 
the information I enter. That has made me nuts (I have a family member who 
keeps putting a Civil War record on an individual who died in the early 1700s. 
I take it out with an explanation and a few days later it's back. 


So, from my experiences since the 1990s, there is no one way to go. I just keep 
being flexible with backups to backups. 

Lori Samuelson, NBCT Emeritus & Genealogist


Visit me at  <http://GenealogyAtHeart.com> https://GenealogyAtHeart.com






On Fri, Dec 22, 2023 at 7:40 AM Gloria DeSousa <gdesou...@gmail.com 
<mailto:gdesou...@gmail.com> > wrote:

Thank you Lori! Are you saying that I could synch Legacy to myheritage.com 
<http://myheritage.com> ? Is syncing from Legacy possible with Ancestry.com or 
Roots Magic? If there's a synch option in Legacy, I can't find it. I use only 
Legacy and myheritage.com <http://myheritage.com>  for my genealogy, and have 
no experience with Roots Magic. I have an Ancestry account but don't use it. 
Are any of these other sites better for syncing? Forgive me if I'm not asking 
the right questions. What Cloud service do you use?


Thanks again,



On Thu, Dec 21, 2023 at 6:19 PM Lori Samuelson <genealogyathe...@gmail.com 
<mailto:genealogyathe...@gmail.com> > wrote:

A gedcom can transfer the data. A synch transfers the media. I use the 
following to maintain my years of work which has individuals close to the 
number in your tree....I use Ancestry.com as my main place to save both data 
and media. I synch to RootsMagic and Family TreeMaker. I do that because the 
programs offer different options and if one stops working I have the backup of 
the other. This has happened in the past and I don't want to go through that 
again. I can save a gedcom from Ancestry.com and upload to Legacy, which I also 
use, since there is no synch option. It took me 10 months and way too much time 
with MyHeritage's IT Department to get that gedcom working on their site. I 
like MyHeritage  but I don't like their Family Tree Builder which has a known 
bug. Even so, I was told several times by MyHeritage to just follow the 
directions to use Family Tree Builder. Finally, I requested that I upload my 
gedcom to IT and have them do it. They agreed and then said there was a problem 
with the gedcom. Odd that none of the other software companies had issues with 
it. So, I asked for my money back. Within a week they were able to get the 
gedcom uploaded. Amazing, right?! Since I don't update the MyHeritage tree, in 
the past, I'd just delete the old tree and then upload the newer gedcom every 
year or so. Never had a problem until this past January. Took until October for 
them to figure it out. I wouldn't have been persistent over this if I didn't 
find it useful to connect with my eastern European family who uses it. I also 
save to a stand alone hard drive and Cloud. Paranoia works when trying to 
preserve your hard work.

On December 21, 2023, at 5:27 PM, Gloria DeSousa <gdesou...@gmail.com 
<mailto:gdesou...@gmail.com> > wrote:



I know from asking this group many years ago that media is not uploaded with 
gedcoms. I've asked myheritage.com <http://myheritage.com>  is there any way of 
using all the work I've done with numerous certificates and photos for most if 
not all individuals in my 60,000 and growing tree, to be uploaded without their 
cumbersome one-by-one loading of media? I was told to upload my Legacy 9 
software to their FamilyTreeMaker, and that it would transfer the media as I 
have it in each individual's Media Gallery. I didn't spend more than 5 seconds 
to see that it didn't work. The first thing that jumped out is that I am 
married when I have marked in the Marriage Box the line that says "No Evidence 
that this couple ever married". Is there a way to change that? I'd rather it 
say "This couple didn't marry".


So I'm asking for a miracle - Is there a way that I can share what I have in 
Legacy 9 with others besides the tree with no media on myheritage? Or is there 
some wiz out there that would love to develop the necessary software?


Best to all,



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