As I have been researching for over 20 years and have nearly 8,000 individuals in my file, there have been many changes made, including deleting individuals for various reasons. From time to time I have gone to the Picture Centre, selected a folder containing images attached to Source Citations (usually Censuses) and deleted those which had no - or + in the first column, indicating that they were not attached to any individual's citations.

It only now occurs to me (somwhat belatedly, I realise!) that if one of these images SHOULD have been linked to someone but had been accidentally overlooked, it will not show up as a "missing file" when I run the Media Relinker because it never was linked in the first place. The Picture Centre allows me to run down the list of Individuals and see where they have images attached to them as Individuals or to their Events, but is there a way to find Events which have images attached to their Source Citation.

I would like, for example, to look at all citations of the 1881 England Census and see that they all have an image attached. Possible or not?
Jenny M Benson
Wrexham, UK


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