On 15/02/2024 09:01, Ian Thomas wrote:
I use the Notes (General, Research, Medical) a bit, and it has 4 editing tools on the left margin, as well as the ability to add special characters.

 (I have added the English pound symbol £ - UK etc currency for many many years. The various European currency symbols could be added easily, without changes to the current  Notes design)

This has probably been requested in the past?

I know it is not intended to be a mini-text-processor , but it would be very helpful to be able to capitalize (toggle: lower case, Initial Cap, ALL CAPS)  in addition to the bold, italics, underline already provided.

Can I request this from Millennia / MyHeritage ? Is this done via the links on the Help About popup?

When you click on Help on the main menu bar a new menu bar appears, on which the 6th button is "Request feature."

I use the Notes tabs a lot but I have never found it troublesome to use my keyboard to capitalise in the usual way. In fact, I use the keyboard for Bold a lot because it's quicker to do that rather than take my hand off the keyboard to use the mouse.

Each to his/her own!
Jenny M Benson
Wrexham, UK


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