You can choose what you have on the quick character ribbon. If you want the Euro or other symbols on it, add them. You'll lose others as there is a limited number that can show and you're limited to the Western Character Set. Just click the square and set it up for the characters you use most. The others are just a couple of clicks away. To return characters without adding them to the quick character ribbon I think you use F6 to open the dialogue to choose.


Ian Thomas wrote:

I use the Notes (General, Research, Medical) a bit, and it has 4
editing tools on the left margin, as well as the ability to add
special characters.

 (I have added the English pound symbol £ - UK etc currency for many
many years. The various European currency symbols could be added
easily, without changes to the current  Notes design)

This has probably been requested in the past?

I know it is not intended to be a mini-text-processor , but it would
be very helpful to be able to capitalize (toggle: lower case, Initial
Cap, ALL CAPS)  in addition to the bold, italics, underline already

Can I request this from Millennia / MyHeritage ? Is this done via the
links on the Help About popup?

I.L. Thomas, Western Australia


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