Looking at Tools - Trees I find my file has somehow split into three
separate files. I have:

Family A  approx 5000 persons which I have tagged as Tag 1

Family B  approx 800 persons which I have tagged as Tag 2

Family C  approx 30 persons which I have tagged as Tag 2


The trees ramble over a lot of families, not all directly related but linked
in some way.


Everyone was added individually and It tells me that I have no duplicates.


I have found this which I don't understand. 

In family B I have:

"John Smith" (Family B - Tag 2) married to "Betty Brown" WITHOUT a tag No.
Her Father was "Henry Brown" who is in Family C - Tag 3).

What I don't understand is why that marriage at least would not join the two
families in trees.

Also, any thoughts on a good way to find where the breaks are in the trees.
I am sure they were linked at some stage and no doubt deleting someone has
caused the break. This could have been sometime in the last 15 or more years

Any suggestions appreciated.


Paul (in Sydney)



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