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> ​No.  Commit hooks are always for systems with git.​
> What I meant was that it would be confusing to sometimes report, at the
> top of the log pane, the preceding commit hash, and sometimes report the
> current commit hash depending on whether .git was available.
​I now see that this is primarily a "fit and finish" issue. Leo's signon
should follow accepted practice by giving build info, including date and

So I'm now convinced that git hooks should stay. We can debate how often
signon info helps devs fix bugs, but that's a secondary consideration.​

Technical point, my recollection when the system was first developed
> was that best practice was to use bash for hooks.  Of course anyone
> developing Leo has Python on their system somewhere, but not
> necessarily on the path, whereas git, even on Windows, executes hooks
> in bash.

​The hook can add to sys.path as needed--it's running from a known place,
namely leo-editor/.git.

More importantly, the hook should generate a .json file compatible with
those created and read by leoVersion.py. Calling
leoVersion.create_commit_timestamp_json is the proper way to do this.

I'm going to create the new hooks next, before b1 goes out the door.


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