I don't know if it solved flicker, but rev a8c9ffc2 
some code aimed to skip unnecessary redraws. If you look at onSelect 
handler in line_numbering plugin it merely calls request_update:

def request_update(c):

    h = c.hash()

    if REQUESTS.get(h):return

    REQUESTS[h] = True

    QtCore.QTimer.singleShot(200, lambda:renumber(c))

Which as you can see will set timer to call renumber after 200ms. You can 
experiment with this delay or even call renumber directly without delay.

Additionally, we may pre-calculate and cache largest line numbers (~ or 
gutter with) in whole outline and keep them cached for every external file 
and every line-numbering-root node. I think that change in with of gutter 
is main cause of unpleasant flicker.

Or we can make gutter to have fixed with (for example: three digits in 
normal font), and when we need more digits to paint them with smaller font 
or x-scaled to fit within fixed gutter width.


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