> So, is there an Anaconda update command that will pull in a more recent 
> 'official' release? Or, is her machine stuck with whichever version was 
> installed initially? Or would I need to manually update her Leo package in 
> Anaconda whenever I think it's advantageous to do so?
Just to clarify, Anaconda isn't for installing Leo, it's for installing a 
python and all Leo's dependencies that doing manually is a pain. Pip is the 
package manager for installing Leo itself and will be included in any 
recent install of python.

After installing Anaconda (I suggest Miniconda for the scenario you 
describe. Less to download)  upgrading Leo is straightforward.

Upgrade to latest version published on PyPi.org (so, latest milestone 

pip install --upgrade leo

Upgrade to current development version:

pip install --upgrade https:

Upgrade to any tag <https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/tags> in the 
development version (after ~Dec 2017, earlier tags will probably fail):

pip install --upgrade https:


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