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> I was suggesting a tutorial showing how to take the Diff tree script
> above, which deals with specific files, and then as you described earlier
> "Create a command that brings up a dialog prompting for 2 or more files to
> be compared." adding this code into the script.
> Small digestible tasks like that help me to learn python and Leo. I'm
> going to try it anyway and I know it will take me quite a while....

Early this morning I added the node `@g.command(diff-leo-files)` in
leoCompare.py. Please take a look at it.

I have just spent 10 minutes trying to describe how you could create a new
node, `@g.command('diff-and-show-leo-files`, but it's harder to describe
than to do it :-)

If you would like, please add this new command *without* cutting/pasting
code. That is, the old and new commands will share one or two helper
command, that take arguments that tailor them to the two commands.

The new command should work exactly like the old except:

A.  The title of the dialog will be different.
B. It will call CompareLeoOutlines(c).diff_list_of_files(paths,

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have, and to suggest
approaches.  This is an easy problem.  YMMV.


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