On Friday, February 14, 2020 at 12:27:31 PM UTC-5, andyjim wrote:
> One thing I wish I understood better is the acyclic graph model, how that 
> plays out in Leo and what it accomplishes for us in organization/linking.

It's not too hard to grasp the basics, @andyjim.  A graph is a set of nodes 
connected by edges.  Sometimes the edges connect back to a starting node, 
in a kind of circle.  The circular set of nodes and connections is called a 
"cycle".  A tree has nodes that don't connect back - they only grow 
"downwards", like displays of files system directories, or a collection of 
Leo nodes.  With no cycles, it's called "acyclic".  It's easier to work 
with acyclic graphs because you don't have to take special care to make 
sure you don't keep going around a cycle over and over.

The little joke here is that you may have a (acyclic) tree of nodes in Leo, 
but once we get through overlaying our links and backlinks, who knows how 
many cycles might be formed when you follow all the links.

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