scsijon wrote:
I've been going through a number of 'linux's' lately looking for a
particular problem and it's fix (yeah, I know there are plenty out
there). I am starting to notice a fair few of the smaller 'workstation
only' ones that were systemd have / are / considering changing to
Gentoo's OpenRC. I was wondering on the lfs thoughts in general of
creating at least a test build, and how much work it would be to create.


All I was asking was on the groups thoughts and how hard it is to create another LFS (Test) Build document! Like from maybe 'someone / those' who has 'built / created / tried to create' one. Maybe some guidance, warnings on 'gotchas' and the other major problems I might come across, or already created templates and the like was the expected response!

I did comment on what was found while doing a problem fix troll through the resultant type of systemd "Linux variations" as they seem to be those who considered / gone the OpenRC path. I had also searched through non-systemd variations. I somehow thought this may be of interest for some.

I admit, and have done before, that I don't use systemd, being from the Puppy Linux world and back to Yggdrasil(, where i'm a proud owner of two different cdrom booksets and one set on hard format 5 1/4" floppy's with a typed manual from 1992).

Also, personally, nowadays, i'm use to using either busybox's init or toybox's nowadays but did once have a look at runit.

So, my origonal question still stands unanswered!

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