On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 10:08:14PM +1100, scsijon wrote:
> All I was asking was on the groups thoughts and how hard it is to create
> another LFS (Test) Build document! Like from maybe 'someone / those' who has
> 'built / created / tried to create' one. Maybe some guidance, warnings on
> 'gotchas' and the other major problems I might come across, or already
> created templates and the like was the expected response!

There is little interest in creating yet another version of the
LFS/BLFS *books* here : for a start, there aren't enough editors.

In the past, people have produced hints (plain text).

IFF you want to try building a system using OpenRC, as I said
earlier - give it a try and then you can tell *us* of any benefits
and any problems.

At the moment, I think we can assume that nobody here has tried

> I did comment on what was found while doing a problem fix troll through the
> resultant type of systemd "Linux variations" as they seem to be those who
> considered / gone the OpenRC path. I had also searched through non-systemd
> variations. I somehow thought this may be of interest for some.
> I admit, and have done before, that I don't use systemd, being from the
> Puppy Linux world and back to Yggdrasil(, where i'm a proud owner of two
> different cdrom booksets and one set on hard format 5 1/4" floppy's with a
> typed manual from 1992).
> Also, personally, nowadays, i'm use to using either busybox's init or
> toybox's nowadays but did once have a look at runit.

So you already diverge from what we are doing.  No problem with
that, but maybe whatever you try will have only limited relevance to
mainstream LFS/BLFS.

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