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Michael Shell <li...@michaelshell.org> wrote:

> IMHO, lilo had one particularly awful design decision and the resulting
> unexpected behavior was never explained to us as it should have been - 
> lilo would *reinterpret* whatever the user specified for root= in terms
> of device numbers of the current running system and then pass the
> resulting device *number* as the value of root= to the kernel to be
> booted.

FWIW, there once ago was a valid reason for doing this - a long time ago,
kernels only recognized major/minor device numbers for root directory

However, at some point kernels became able to recognize (at least the
common) /dev forms (e.g., root=/dev/sda3) and convert that at boot
to the major/minor form used internally even though there was not yet
a functioning /dev directory.

In any case, the lilo man page should have done a better job explaining
what exactly was actually passed to the kernel for root= in the

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