Ok, the rk339 is soms sort of computer. You are receiving a stream on that 
computer. Now you wish to decode that stream.


What is your purpose? What do you mean by decoding a stream? What has MPP got 
to do witht his all?


Ffmpeg can decode H264. See the docs for a full example of this:




You need more than just including .h files. The .h files can be seen as 
‘descriptions of stuff to be found somewhere else’. So having the .h files 
might make it compile, but then it won’t link or won’t run due to missing files.


You need the compiled .so, .a or .dll files. So you need to compile ffmpeg 
yourself, or find the binaries suitable for your system.




Henri Zikken


Van: Libav-user <libav-user-boun...@ffmpeg.org> Namens Anton Prikazchikov
Verzonden: maandag 9 april 2018 16:27
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Onderwerp: [Libav-user] How to use rkmpp decoder?



I have rk3399 and installed mpp(https://github.com/rockchip-linux/mpp).

I am receiving rtsp stream using by ffmpeg(C++).
And now I have to decode h264 video using by mpp but I don't understand how to 
do this. 

I found https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/libavcodec/rkmppdec.c  and 
try to use this code for decoding.

I stopped on the code line below:

ret = ff_decode_get_packet(avctx, &pkt);

This function requires .h files from ffmpeg which i have not in my compiled 
version. Could someone prompt can I add some flags at configuration stage for 
.h files or somthing else?(I don't want take these files from github src)

Or maybe is there a better way for h264 decoding using by hw?

Anton Prikazchikov

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