I need an avpacket because i read rtcp stream using by ffmpeg and receive from 
the rtcp stream an avpacket. Mpp can't read rtcp stream as i know.

Also I saw that ffmpeg have "--enable-rkmpp" flag a t the configuration stage. 
And if I'm not mistaken this flag have to enable decoding using by rkmpp, but I 
can't run it... What must this flag do?

>Basically the packet->data is just the raw data. You can just pass this on to 
>your mpp packet as the buffer. Packet->size gives you the size.
I tried to add the received packet->data to mpppacket, but it doesn't work. 
Also i want to clarify d oes the packet->data accurately contain unmodified 
H264 data?(I receive H264 data stream)

>Вторник, 10 апреля 2018, 21:16 +04:00 от Henri Zikken <zik...@xs4all.nl>:
>I don’t see why you would want an avpacket in the first place, then. As ffmpeg 
>won’t do the decoding, why bother with ffmpeg?
>Basically the packet->data is just the raw data. You can just pass this on to 
>your mpp packet as the buffer. Packet->size gives you the size.
>Henri Zikken
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>Verzonden: dinsdag 10 april 2018 08:34
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>Onderwerp: Re: [Libav-user] How to use rkmpp decoder?
>My purpose is decoding a received from RTCP stream h264 AVPacket-s to 
>AVFrame-s using by hardware of rk3399 (Rockchip RK3399 is a processor for 
>computing(aarch64, Rockchip platform))
>I found that rk3399 has mpp. Media Process Platform(mpp) is the video codec 
>parser and  Hardware Abstraction Layer library for the Rockchip platforms.
>Mpp provides C API for decoding h264 video files using by hardware of Rockchip 
>And now i am thinking that the problem is converting from AVPacket(contain 
>H264 data from RTCP stream) to MppPacket(this packet i will send to hardware 
>Anton Prikazchikov
>>Понедельник, 9 апреля 2018, 20:06 +04:00 от Henri Zikken < zik...@xs4all.nl >:
>>Ok, the rk339 is soms sort of computer. You are receiving a stream on that 
>>computer. Now you wish to decode that stream.
>>What is your purpose? What do you mean by decoding a stream? What has MPP got 
>>to do witht his all?
>>Ffmpeg can decode H264. See the docs for a full example of this:
>>You need more than just including .h files. The .h files can be seen as 
>>‘descriptions of stuff to be found somewhere else’. So having the .h files 
>>might make it compile, but then it won’t link or won’t run due to missing 
>>You need the compiled .so, .a or .dll files. So you need to compile ffmpeg 
>>yourself, or find the binaries suitable for your system.
>>Henri Zikken
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>>Aan: libav-user@ffmpeg.org
>>Onderwerp: [Libav-user] How to use rkmpp decoder?
>>I have rk3399 and installed mpp( https://github.com/rockchip-linux/mpp ).
>>I am receiving rtsp stream using by ffmpeg(C++).
>>And now I have to decode h264 video using by mpp but I don't understand how 
>>to do this. 
>>I found  https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/libavcodec/rkmppdec.c   
>>and try to use this code for decoding.
>>I stopped on the code line below:
>>ret =  ff_decode_get_packet (avctx, &pkt);
>>This function requires .h files from ffmpeg which i have not in my compiled 
>>version. Could someone prompt can I add some flags at configuration stage for 
>>.h files or somthing else?(I don't want take these files from github src)
>>Or maybe is there a better way for h264 decoding using by hw?
>>Anton Prikazchikov
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