On 07/01/2010 03:12 AM, Markus Hoenicka wrote:
> Vikram Ambrose <noel.ambr...@gmail.com> was heard to say:
>> Is there a way of having the mysql driver, reconnect and then complete
>> the query without erroring out, in the case of driver/server timeout?
>> This way I do not lose my query to a timeout or need to have some sort
>> of global command buffer that the callback would use to re-execute the
>> failed query.
> Hi,
> does the MySQL API provide enough information to tell from a failure 
> of mysql_query that the connection has stalled? I've found a log entry 
> in cvs which added a timeout option to the driver, so with that in 
> place and a useful error message from libmysqlclient I'd say it's 
> doable. We'd just have to loop over a limited number of retries, 
> trying to reconnect each time before resending the query.

There is indeed enough information to find this scenario. Here is a very 
simple callback I use at the moment:

void DB_error_callback(dbi_conn conn, void *udata){
     int rv;
     const char *errormsg = NULL;

     rv = dbi_conn_error(DB_conn,&errormsg);
     if(strstr(errormsg,"gone away")){
         rv = dbi_conn_connect(DB_conn);
             printf("ERROR: DB_error_callback: Tried to reconnect - 
         }else {
             printf("ERROR: DB_error_callback: Reconnected\n");

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