Vikram Ambrose writes:
 > There is indeed enough information to find this scenario. Here is a very 
 > simple callback I use at the moment:
 > void DB_error_callback(dbi_conn conn, void *udata){
 >      int rv;
 >      const char *errormsg = NULL;
 >      rv = dbi_conn_error(DB_conn,&errormsg);
 >      if(strstr(errormsg,"gone away")){
 >          rv = dbi_conn_connect(DB_conn);
 >          if(rv){
 >              printf("ERROR: DB_error_callback: Tried to reconnect - 
 > failed\n");
 >          }else {
 >              printf("ERROR: DB_error_callback: Reconnected\n");
 >          }
 >      }
 > }


I just found some time to fiddle with this. As it seems, your solution
is pretty much focused on MySQL. However, I assume that the server
going away is a problem of all database engines, except maybe the
embedded ones. Adding some code to the MySQL driver to fix your
original problem thus might be the wrong solution. Don't you
experience the same problems with other DB engines? In that case, we'd
have to fix libdbi, rather than a driver.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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