On 12/23/2010 02:35 PM, markus.hoeni...@mhoenicka.de wrote:
> Vikram Ambrose writes:
>   >  I can't seem to get BLOBs to work with SQLite.
>   >
>   >  Here is some test code.
>   >  http://en.pastebin.ca/2026862
>   >
>   >  Output on my machine is;
>   >
>   >  dbi_conn_connect: rv = 0:
>   >  data = ERROR
>   >
>   >  What am I doing wrong?
> Could you test sqlite3 as well just to see whether it is a problem of your box
> or indeed a problem of the driver.

Interestingly enough the test code works fine under sqlite3. Looks like 
a bug in the sqlite(2) driver so far.

> Did you run make check in libdbi-drivers after building and installing
> the drivers? The test program includes checks for blob handling, so if
> there is a problem in the driver it should report errors. Runs fine here.

make check gives me an error. Missing dependency probably?

test_dbi.c:33: fatal error: cgreen/cgreen.h: No such file or directory

> Also, could you send a few specs of your OS and libdbi/libdbi-drivers
> versions?

Using CVS versions of both. Check'd out yesterday.

The strlen() was used because I knew what the input data was.

On a side note, in general, I often use BLOB instead of VARCHAR/STRING 
for clear text strings as its much easier to deal with character 
encoding/locale at the application level than messing around with it at 
the DB level.

I suppose I'll just switchover to sqlite3. Doesn't make a difference to 
me really. Just needed a database that could be used for a test run 
without the user requiring administrative privileges.



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