Rainer Gerhards <rgerha...@gmail.com> was heard to say:

> Hi all,
> sorry if this is an exceptionally dumb question, but: does libdbi
> support transactions (and, if so, via which functions)? I tried to
> find the transaction support functions, but did not come up with
> anything. Also a (granted, quick) look at the source did not tell me
> anything.
> Any help is deeply appreciated,
> Rainer


not exceptionally dumb, but rather touching a sensitive issue. I've  
used simple wrappers in one of my applications that could easily be  
moved into libdbi. I think a transaction interface has been missing  
from libdbi because some database engines that were supported in the  
days of yore did not have transaction support. I think most database  
engines which are supported or have experimental support these days  
support transactions by sending queries along the lines of "begin" or  
"begin work" etc. This should be easy to retrofit. I'lls see if I find  
some time but feel free to beat me at it.


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