Rainer Gerhards writes:
 > > This should be easy to retrofit. I'lls see if I find
 > > some time but feel free to beat me at it.
 > I am quite busy myself at the moment, but I could try and see if I
 > could craft something along that path...

Hi all,

I've stolen some time from myself to provide a first shot at
transaction and savepoint support, see the current cvs revisions of
libdbi and libdbi-drivers. The code is entirely untested except that
the drivers which I use myself compile and don't crash upon loading. I
didn't get round to adding the documentation and the tests, but feel
free to test the current code yourself. Usage should be pretty obvious
if you look at the diffs. I'm sure some rough edges remain, but
then... it's a start.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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