> Rainer Gerhards writes:
>  > > This should be easy to retrofit. I'lls see if I find  > > some time but 
> feel
> free to beat me at it.
>  >
>  > I am quite busy myself at the moment, but I could try and see if I  > could
> craft something along that path...
>  >
> Hi all,
> I've stolen some time from myself to provide a first shot at transaction and
> savepoint support, see the current cvs revisions of libdbi and libdbi-drivers.
> The code is entirely untested except that the drivers which I use myself
> compile and don't crash upon loading. I didn't get round to adding the
> documentation and the tests, but feel free to test the current code yourself.
> Usage should be pretty obvious if you look at the diffs. I'm sure some rough
> edges remain, but then... it's a start.

Hi Markus,

sorry for the long silence, we got sidetracked ourselfs. Finally, we yesterday 
tried to write some test programs to get started. To do so, I did a cvs 
checkout for both libdbi and libdbi-drivers (according to instructions on the 
site). I can see the new transaction functions inside the sgml files as well as 
the headers. However, I do not find any implementation (.c files).

Am I overlooking something?


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