Thank you Simon for your info.

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"dead" is relative here. It is unfortunately pretty much true that I was not 
able to put much of an effort into further development of libdbi, although 
there were a couple of bug fixes in the past couple of years. I don't mean to 
whine, but sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and in my case they're 6 and 
3 years old now. Needless to say, this, and a new position with extended 
responsibilities, caused a shift of priorities that won't do my software 
projects any good. I'd hate to see libdbi die of inactivity, but it is hardly 
possible to sleep less than I did in the past couple of years just to do some 
extra programming. And I apologize if I was not able to tend to questions on 
the lists in a timely fashion.

Regarding the original posters question: you can certainly use libdbi on Linux 
and just about any unixish platform. This includes Cygwin 
(, a library which provides a Unix-like interface to 
Windows. To the best of my knowledge there is no native Windows port available 
which would allow you to use it in native Windows applications. Source code is 
available from a git repository at SourceForge:

Documentation of the dbi interface is here (the Programmer's Guide is what you 





On 2018-12-29 03:25, Simon Walter was heard to say:

Hi Pabitra,

I asked a question on this list in 2015 and there has been no activity since 
then. I didn't get an answer to my question. So I assumed that the project is 
pretty dead. There is support for prepared statements. So I ended up using APR 
DBD. The documentation is alright. Though I did find myself digging into the 
source to understand a few things.

I haven't used it on Windows, but the whole point of the APR is cross platform 

Best wishes,


On December 28, 2018 4:28:42 PM UTC, Pabitra Dash via libdbi-users 
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Hello, Good day.I have following queries. -As libdbi provides standard C 
abstraction, Can I use it in Windows and Linux platforms?-From where can I get 
DbiXX detail documentation and source code of the same? Regards,Pabitra

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