> But I wonder what the pedagogical research literature says about the
> best way to teach ethics? I'm data-driven, so I'd rather see empirical
> evidence guide educational policy or someone conduct a study to assess
> the best course of action.

I doubt that you could come up with an empirical measure of ethics.

Reminds me of a proposal I wrote for an ethics course to NSF.
My proposed course looked at the economics of the industry, as
pointed out by Ross Anderson, that the market rewards bad
and insecure software. This means that structurally it is
almost impossible to be ethical and survive. The course included
finding regulatory and market modifications that would support
producing secure systems and economic survival.

I find something wrong with a system that supports making
insecure products.

My course proposal was turned down. My favorite review
of the proposal said it is wrong to combine ethics and

We should teach them to do the ethical thing, especially
when it means that they will go bankrupt.

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