Good point. It'd be great if someone had the answer to that question.

The only study vaguely related that I can remember is that psychology
experiment where priests who were going to give a sermon were less likely
to be good samaritans with a confederate in need when they were told they
were late to give their sermon than when they were told they were early.

So situational influences matter. It's not just about teaching personal
ethics. It's about teaching how to behave in ethical ways when confronted
by certain situations and learning the situations when you might act
unethically so if you're ever in that situation you might remember and
choose to act ethically instead.

On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 10:26 PM Paul <> wrote:

> Is there any evidence, or even anecdotes, suggesting that ethics courses
> (in any form) work to make people act more ethically?
>      I can see that someone who was already ethical might find something
> they had missed, but it's hard for me (admittedly a cynical person) to
> imagine that an ethics course can make someone ethical, any more than one
> could expect an "empathy" course to make people empathetic.
>   Paul
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