Nick Mathewson wrote:
In case anybody here isn't watching the commits list [1], Niels
applied a patch from Maxim Yegorushkin to make the timeout
implementation based on a heap, rather than a RB-tree.  Thanks, Maxim!

This will probably need some testing; if anybody wants to play around
with it, just check out the SVN trunk [2] and send in any bugs you run
into, or any improvements that we should make.

Very nice. I hope to see any other internal improvements from libev make it into the libevent codebase one at a time in patch form.

And then, perhaps, API changes considered? I have to admit, I have a few complaints with the libevent API myself. Maybe all API changes should be discussed and you/Niels can determine if it's worth finding a way to make a (hopefully backwards compatible) transition?

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