Thank you for telling everyone to respect each other and stop the madness.

On 09/18/2016 01:30 PM, Yoni Rabkin wrote:
> Leah Rowe <> writes:
>> Hi,
>> On 16/09/16 01:34, Leah Rowe wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The Free Software Foundation recently fired  a transgendered employee of
>>> the FSF, just for being trans, because some transphobic cissexist people
>>> wrote negativly about her. The FSF fired her because they thougdt she,
>>> rather than the assholes bullying her, was causing the FSF potential
>>> damage. As a result, she was fired from the FSF.
>> We've now issued our own public statement, on the libreboot website:
>> (refresh this page if you saw it prior to 15 September 2016)
> When you were invited to join the GNU project you would given
> custodianship of an important public effort. But by taking the project
> hostage you are hurting the efforts of many people who never did
> anything wrong. Please stop doing this.
> I will continue to support minorities as I have always done, and I urge
> all of the good people who have been hurt by this collective punishment
> to stay strong and not to allow this to harden their attitudes toward
> any minority group who needs help.

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