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> Hello  Lea,
> my english is not very well, sorry for that.
> I read same of the mails and we in germany have a anti-discrimination law.
> So if there is an anti-discrimination at the FSF in germany, I think
> the best way is to complaint this.
> I’m very happy that I could use your libreboot on my GA-G41M-ES2L (
> thanks Damien Zammit) and I will use libreboot in the future  on my
> Asus  C100PA ( thanks Paul Kocialkowski)
> I hope we could solve this nightmare, because I belive we all love
> opensource or ?

Or not.


Anyway, it's quite outside of the scope of legally providable
information and responsibility of the included mailing lists to address
or "solve" a workspace conflict and the operation and decision-making of
the FSF's HR department.

While I readily admit that the libreboot project might want to
reconsider its organisation and associations, the current project lead
has announced a separation from the GNU project.  So I don't see that it
makes sense to include the GNU maintainer list in Cc any more.  I am
adjusting the Reply-To header accordingly.

David Kastrup

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