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I found some problems on my side:

1. faulty XML encoding caused through a re-design of my plugin
2. the table needs to be in a text box
3. the frame needs to have a "graphic" style assigned which needs to have the
attribute 'style:parent-style-name="Frame"'
4. graphic style "Frame" must exist as a common style in styles.xml
5. the frame and text box may not be surrounded by a "<draw:g>" element

Point 1 is clearly my fault.

Points 2 to 5 are hard to know cause this things do not seem to be documented
in the ODF standard. Is there a documentation about such correlations

Also point 2 is quite strange because of the following facts:

- In the LibreOffice GUI I can open a frame and place a table in it. That will
be actually encoded as a "<table:table>" inside a "<draw:text-box>" inside a
- In the LibreOffice GUI I can open a text-box. But in that case I can not
place a table in it. The menu options for inserting a table are inactive.

So, I think we can close this now. But it would be great if someone could point
me to some more in-depth documentation of ODF or LibreOffice ODF encoding in
case that this encoding/behaviour is LibreOffice specific.

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