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I will use the method which the UI calls a "Frame" in my plugin, thanks.

I was just wondering that if it is actually encoded as a text-box in a frame
then why is there a difference in the UI between the UI options "Frame" and
"Text-Box" if both is encoded as a text-box in a frame.

I am also aware of the relaxNG schema and I think I can understand the
structure description (which elements may have which childs, also this is
described very good in the ODF1.2 standard with all it's links between the

What I think is not described in the standard/relaxNG schema is the requirement
that the frame needs to have a graphics-style assigned which needs to have the
attribute 'style:parent-style-name="Frame"'. Otherwise the frame/text-box with
a table will not be displayed in LibreOffice. Or is this kind of relation in
the standard/relaxNG schema and I did'nt see it?

But anyway thanks for your reply. I now know what to do (I think) and so we
should close this.


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