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The standard allows more than is implemented in LibreOffice. You can use the
Relax NG Schema to
see the allowed nesting. But it might be, that the standard itself makes
additional restrictions.

There exists the controversy issue for a table as direct child.

In the schema you will find, that from all kind of "shape-instance" only
"draw-frame" can have a "draw-text-box" and only this is able to carry a table.
"draw-g", draw-page-thumbnail, "draw-control" and "dr3d-scene" have nothing of
that kind and the others only a "draw-text" and latter can only have "text-p"
and "text-list".

>From point of standard a solution can be to put a <draw:frame> into a <text:p>
and then a <table:table> into <draw:frame>. But that does not help you with
LibreOffice, because it is not implemented.

The current solution of LibreOffice, to allow <table:table> in a custom-shape
in Writer produces an invalid file, if saved in strict ODF1.2; and therefore on
opening the table is removed. In case you use 'ODF1.2 extended' when saving,
than it will be written as <loext:table> and the table still exists after

Why do not use that construct, that is called a "Frame" in the UI? For that
shape the full <draw:text-box> features are implemented for Writer.

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