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--- Comment #3 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
Whether in the Draw/Impress module, or Writer, or Calc-- a Text Box is a Draw
object held within its anchored Draw frame--it is rendered as BMP meta onto the
document canvas, layered as specified.

While the Text content of the Text Box (or Text annotation onto a Draw Shape)
is technically a Paragraph--it does not have the same methods available to
Paragraph objects on the Writer canvas or within Document Frames on the Writer

Display of non-printing characters (returns, line breaks, spaces, tabs,
non-breaking spaces/tabs, etc.) within a Text Box, or the Text annotation of a
Draw Shape, are simply missing method(s) for the class(s).  

It could be implemented, but as Heiko notes--what is the use case? As is you
have immediate feed back on any formatting changes applied to the Text of a
Draw Text Box, or Text annotation of a Draw Shape.  What more is needed that
would aid composition?

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 102248] VIEWING: Non-printing Characters are not shown in textboxes in
Writer when View-> Non-printing Characters is checked
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