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With all due respect again, that is putting the cart before the horse. 

1) Do you have data on how much it's used or are you just expressing an
opinion. Either is fine, but please be clear and not ambiguous as the two carry
distinctly different merit or weight in a decision.

2) I hold the opinion that it's not used much too based simply on my perceived
distribution of writers across the board - with business and literary uses more
prolific than technical in my impression. But then technical writers (notably
students who can't buy MadCap Flare) are often stuck with Microsoft's equation
editor (not as good as LibreOffice's) or go the rather more tedious route of
not so WYSIWYG LaTeX options ... (historically quite popular).

3) But that is the very point this suggestion makes! That it is perhaps not
used as much as it would be, because it's hidden, because technical writers are
not welcomed and encouraged to slip into Writer say to write their scientific
papers. The aim of recognizing math as an integral part of a document not some
extra "object" is indeed to popularise its use.

Note that LibreOffice with it's fair support and use of LaTeX and (apparently
impending or already available) use of MathML which facilitate rapid typing and
copy/pasting for elements put it leagues ahead of MS-Office IMHO. And that is
why I even bother to make a case for it to stand as the tool of choice for
technical writers. And one step is to embrace math as not some freaky not-often
used thing, but an ordinary every day part of a document.

That said, unhiding the Formula button is a great tip, and Id go further, it
should be unhidden by default. For reason touched on here (i.e. welcoming and
popularising math in text - it is not a small market by any measure, if
somewhat smaller than business and literary users).

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