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> 1) Do you have data on how much it's used or are you just expressing an
> opinion. Either is fine, but please be clear and not ambiguous as the two
> carry distinctly different merit or weight in a decision.

Yes we have data on the usage. Like ~30% of users access it from the toolbar
and > 60% access it from the menu, and < 10% of users assign a shortcut for it.
If we compare how often users insert a formula to inserting an image in writer,
it is 4%. If we compare how often a user opens the insert menu in calc to
insert a formula to inserting a row, it is 0.06%.

> 2) I hold the opinion that it's not used much too based simply on my
> perceived distribution of writers across the board - with business and
> literary uses more prolific than technical in my impression. But then
> technical writers (notably students who can't buy MadCap Flare) are often
> stuck with Microsoft's equation editor (not as good as LibreOffice's) or go
> the rather more tedious route of not so WYSIWYG LaTeX options ...
> (historically quite popular).

Yes formulas have a limited scope of users when taking all word processor
users. I personally havent used a formula in a document in my life, but have
seen documents with them in it.

> 3) But that is the very point this suggestion makes! That it is perhaps not
> used as much as it would be, because it's hidden, because technical writers
> are not welcomed and encouraged to slip into Writer say to write their
> scientific papers. The aim of recognizing math as an integral part of a
> document not some extra "object" is indeed to popularise its use.

I wouldnt call it hidden because it is in a submenu of the insert menu, as
inserting an image use to be Insert > Picture > From File. Writer is a general
purpose word processor, so we cant promote technical writer features and demote
general purpose features. I wouldnt have minded to include it in insert menu,
but we have to put limits on how large menus can grow.

> Note that LibreOffice with it's fair support and use of LaTeX and
> (apparently impending or already available) use of MathML which facilitate
> rapid typing and copy/pasting for elements put it leagues ahead of MS-Office
> IMHO. And that is why I even bother to make a case for it to stand as the
> tool of choice for technical writers. And one step is to embrace math as not
> some freaky not-often used thing, but an ordinary every day part of a
> document.

Glad to hear that LibreOffice is better than MSO in this regards, but I dont
believe formulas will ever become an every day part of a document.

> That said, unhiding the Formula button is a great tip, and Id go further, it
> should be unhidden by default. For reason touched on here (i.e. welcoming
> and popularising math in text - it is not a small market by any measure, if
> somewhat smaller than business and literary users).

It was popular enough as a feature that i added it as a hidden button and once
available space is there, i have plans to unhide it. Hopefully that may happen
in LibreOffice 5.3.

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