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> Description:
> When I create a New Writer Document at some point after my Macbook Air
> (MacOS Sierra Gold Master) did go to sleep with multiple writer-documents
> opened up (+/-12), at the moment the new document CPU usage pikes to 100%
> for +/- 5 minutes. 
> After that everything is back to normal. I can create new Documents (without
> CPU spikes) as long as my Macbook didn't sleep again. 
> Steps to Reproduce:
> 1. Use MacOS Sierra (maybe El Captain works to)
> 2. Start Libreoffice Writer
> 2. Create 12 blank documents
> 4. Put your computer to sleep (by choosing Sleep from the Apple menu)
> 3. Wake Mac again
> 4. Create a new document (CMD + N) or click new document in the menu bar
> 5. A new document will show up, but CPU usage pikes to 100%. 

No repro for me with Sierra OSX 10.12, Macbook Pro, core i7, 16Gb RAM and LO
Opened 12 blank Writer documents in succession, then put Mac to sleep. On
waking Mac, I was asked for my password (security setting) which I entered, and
then I immediately pressed CMd-N to open a new blank Writer document. No
noticeable slow down or beach ball activity, the blank document was displayed
virtually instantaneously.

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