--- Comment #14 from Julien Nabet <> ---
(In reply to Alex Thurgood from comment #13)
> @Howard :
> - you might have more luck trying to ask for help on the Debian forums as
> there probably aren't many of us in Base QA using Mariadb over ODBC (with
> the exception of perhaps Julien)?

I'm dealing far less than before Base bugs because:
1) for this case specifically, it seems we're still in transition between Mysql
and MariaDB (I don't remember details with C and C++ driver and license)
2) we don't upgrade to a newer hsqlDB version because target is Firebird
3) Firebird is still experimental because of some bugs even with Firebird 3.0
(eg: building in MacOS)
4) Reports components are also obsolete

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