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--- Comment #10 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <> ---
(In reply to HansPL from comment #9)
> What really drives me crazy with LO:  that every new release changes quite a
> lot of keyboard shortcuts / alt/meta accelerators in all kinds of menus! 
> Without any obvious need, and often creating collisions.  (Using German l10n)

To my knowledge there hasnt been any massive changes to keyboard shortcuts. As
the menus are currently under going quite a bit of changes, unfortunately menu
accelerators will also be affected by these changes, primarily to limit having
the same accelerator for multiple entries, but I try to limit these changes as
much as possible, atleast in english.

> Hey devs:  how would you like it if your Emacs/Vim/Notepad++/<favorite
> editor> would change the key sequences every other month you've memorized
> and use constantly?  Hm?  Imagine that shitstorm…  

You can change the accelerators in Tools > Customize > Menu and then rename the
command and add a '~' before the character that should have the accelerator.

> Maybe a lot of LO users are mouse-pushers and don't notice this, but there
> ARE people using key shortcuts.  

We do notice this issue (e.g. bug 94865) and have individuals who volunteer
with libreoffice who are accelerator users.

> Please DO refrain from arbitrarily reassigning all these accelerators with
> every little UI desing change!

As stated above we do try as much as possible not to change accelerators as
much as possible. If you find any particular accelerator in a menu that you
think should be changed back, please file a bug report for it.

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 94865] MENU: Duplicate accelerators in en_US version
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