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> […] As stated above we do try as much as possible not to change accelerators 
> > as much as possible. 

Sorry, but I do not find this to be true. At least not in my German LO, so this
is probably more of an l10n issue.  

Take for instance the context menu (menu key or right mouse button) in Writer,
which triggered my above rant:  From to  seven out of ten
accelerators were changed where there was absolutely no need:  
• Einfügen  from i to n 
• Inhalte einfügen  from I to h 
• Zeichen…  from c to Z 
• Absatz…  from b to t
• Aufzählungszeichen  from u to ä 
• Absatzvorlage  from nothing to e 
• Synonyme  from m to S  
And where could I customize this context menu?  Which is not an option anyway
because I use LO in different versions on five different Linux machines (Mint
LMDE Mate) plus sometimes on colleague's Windows machines…  

(By the way, in the opened context menu blocks Alt+Print so I cannot
take a screenshot of that menu — in and it works.) 

This is just the one of several examples which enraged me this morning.  

Or, for instance the same context menu in Writer inside a table to edit the
table's properties:  
• In Writer I typed  Menu Alt+E  for Tabelle… 
• In Writer Einfügen was changed from i to e so it now collided with
renamed Tabelleneigenschaften, opening a submenu, forcing me to  Menu Alt+E
Left Alt+E. 
• In Writer Tabelleneigenschaften was changed from e to i so the
collision is now removed and the two accelerators are exactly the opposite from
 those of  
Please note that now in in the context menu Einfügen has e when the
cursor is in a table, but n when outside a table (see above).  What the **?! 

Or, for instance, take Calc's Search&Replace menu where I often need to
activate »In allen Tabellen suchen« (Search in all tables): 
• In Calc I typed  Ctrl-H Alt+O Alt+C  
• In Calc the menu is basically the same but just that last accelerator
c got lost so it was now Ctrl+H Alt+O Tab Tab Tab Tab Tab Space.
• In Calc the menu was redesigned, this checkbox moved up from Options
but no underlined characters at all anymore!  They only appear when pressing
Alt which I take to be another new bug, certainly no feature.  My checkbox is
renamed to »Alle Tabellen» and still has no accelerator, so it is now Ctrl+H
Tab Tab Tab Tab Space.  What will it be next week?  

Can you feel my pain?  Do you really expect users to comb through all menus
every few weeks and write a dozen bug reports about moved accelerators?  Just
compiling these examples took a good hour.

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